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Nottingham Nutritionist BSc (Hons). Personalised Sports Nutrition Plans for running, exercise, fitness and competitions. Menopause Nutrition, Weight loss, Pre and Post Pregnancy Nutrition. Nutrition with Louise motivates and supports client’s unique needs, helping to make easy and positive lasting lifestyle changes so that confidence and self esteem can be build. Nutrition with Louise is the only Registered, qualified and insured professional and Associate Nutritionist in Nottingham, UK

Nottingham Nutritionist provides simple and practical tools for individuals and groups. This all-encompassing supportive service includes teaching groups, one-to-one’s, food shopping trips that explains food labels, portions, fats, protein and carbohydrate, vitamins and mineral intake. Nottingham Nutritionist advises and assists with a variety of health matters influenced by our diet and lifestyle in a way that empowers individuals to succeed in changing behaviour. Unlike traditional forms of nutritional advice and guidance where a client is expected to follow a plan independently, Nutrition with Louise mentors and provides support every step of the way.

My Personal Packages

Intense Daily 1-1 Nutrition
and Mentoring plan

Do you want to change the way you eat and behave around food? You are never alone with this intense daily 1-1 Nutrition and Mentoring package which is an all-encompassing package to help achieve short, medium and long-term goals and aspirations whilst building knowledge, confidence and self esteem. 

6 Week Sports Nutrition and Mentoring plan

Sports Nutrition plan and mentoring will take into account your unique sporting goals so that you can achieve your peak performance when it matters.  Nutrition with Louise has been involved in sport for over 25 years and understands how to get the most from your body so that you can achieve your potential without compromising your health when it matters. CALL TODAY in confidence to find out more.

Bespoke Plan

Do you have a dream of looking or feeling a certain way then why not visit Nutrition with Louise. A one-off goal oriented Personalised Nutrition Plan could help you build confidence, self esteem, weight loss around the menopause, weight loss for a special holiday or occasion.  CALL TODAY in confidence to find out more information. 10% off if you book before 17th April 2019

Weight loss you can see programme

Weight loss you can see is a 60-minute one-to-one consultation and diet assessment with a experienced Associate Nutritionist. This portion controlled goal oriented weight loss plan is easy to understand and follow so that you could lose weight and keep it off whilst building  confidence and self esteem. CALL TODAY in confidence to find out more.

Follow-up appointments £20 for 30 minutes

You are not alone – no question is too small.

CALL or email today for a confidential 10 minute, free, no obligation consultation.

Other services include:

  • Sports Nutrition and hydration
  • Weight loss – body fat reduction
  • Food and healthy eating ideas for type ll diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension 
  • Health education and Behaviour change information
  • Pre and Post pregnancy Nutrition 
  • Nutrition with and after drug and alcohol misuse
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Dietary advice on a group basis 

My Mentoring Process

Huge thank you to Louise from Nutrition with Louise for her shopping trip support! I can’t believe how many wrong food choices I’ve been making. Your advice will be life changing! Please take Louise shopping with you!

Andy Middleton, Gedling

“I was impressed by the care and attention that Louise gave. The suggested plan was really inspirational. Which is what I wanted and really needed. 

I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”

Richard Woodfield, Gedling

“Louise has helped me understand my nutritional needs so that I can manage my own diet. She has helped me lose weight and adapt my diet in preparation for competition.”

Chris Skeats, Nottingham

Improving your diet can be easy

Contact Louise 07900 825 671 or info@nutritionwithlouise.co.uk

Louise is a registrant of the Association for Nutrition and is committed to adhering to the AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance.

Louise provides underpinning scientific knowledge and evidence-based nutrition to all her customers.